I am writing this as the sun rises. Today is my son’s birthday and he is probably rising about now. He lives on the West Coast but he rises early to go to yoga before work. He’s figured out that staying centered helps to balance what life demands of a young provider. He adores his lovely wife and two year old son. With his morning ritual, he honors me.

I am lucky to have this young man as my son. We have a unique bond. Together we weathered an epic six foot snow storm that left our remote mountain home truly isolated for an extended period. We had fun with this inadvertent survival adventure. Together we deliberately adventured while kayaking in the Sea of Cortez, rafting the wild rivers of the West and exploring the exotic Amazon Rain Forest.

We have continued to adventure. With the next generation of children in tow, we continue to lead lives that incorporate exploring the natural world and learning to create places to call home, no matter where life may lead you. We’ve learned that even with the best of plans, you have to be able to adapt.

My morning routine involves walking on the beach. On my walk back home, I pick up trash. It’s my yoga. Bending down to pick up the trash keeps me flexible. Picking up trash gives me peace and purpose.

I am lucky. I still have that mountain house and I have a tiny house close enough to walk to the beach. More than that, I am lucky to have a loving son who honors me enough to honor himself. Lucky me.

Happy Birthday Son!  This is a tiny attempt to honor you today. I’m off to the beach. Adios.