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A friend was filling out a dating website. She wanted some advice. She needed some help. I don’t know why, since I don’t date. I haven’t  dated in so long I’ve forgotten the rules.

What are you looking for, I asked? She didn’t really know. She had been married to the same man most of her adult life. I’ve known her most of my life. I’ve been happily single, nearly all of my life.

I know you love to travel, why don’t you put that down. You want someone who enjoys traveling. She said she’d now learned to travel with friends. She didn’t need a traveling companion. No, not that.

You love to dance. How about that? You want someone who wants to go out dancing. She said she took dance classes. No. She liked being able to dance with people who were still willing to learn new steps.

I know you love photography. How about that? She said everybody with a smart phone is a photographer now. Nobody uses a real camera anymore. It’s not the same. Not that.

We were sitting in a diner. The waitress was checking to see if we needed a refill on our coffee. She’d already filled us up once. She was trying to make sure we didn’t run out. We obviously seemed needy.

I was running out of suggestions. I was needy. I needed help. I scanned the diner. There were a dozen men. I told my friend to look around. Slowly, she carefully scanned each table. She really was looking.

What is it that you think you want? What is it that you think you need? Is it a certain look, a certain type? (Silently wondering if blood types are ever included in dating profiles. Hi, I am O positive.)

She finished looking around. She said no one in there was her type. She preferred a simple white t-shirt on a guy. Every guy had some logo on his shirt; that made her wonder about their strength of character.

A guy walked in wearing a plain white t-shirt. How about him? No, I really need my new guy to wear blue jeans. My ex always wore khakis. I don’t know If I can ever trust a khaki- wearing kind of guy. Maybe we are getting to the heart of the matter. It’s simple; white shirt and blue jeans.

Just write that down. Maybe you are in search of simplicity. You are trying to simplify your life? You want someone who is confident enough to wear simple clothes.

We were sitting by the window. A red pick-up truck pulled up. A guy got out. How about that guy? He had on a clean while t-shirt and blue jeans. How about that guy? No, not him, she said. But I do like his truck. What? You like his truck?

That’s it; I want someone with a truck. I have a lot of stuff I need to haul around.Well, in that case. This is simple. You are looking at the wrong web site. You don’t need a guy, just rent a truck.