One of my daughter’s will have her birthday on Mother’s Day. It happens once in a while. All birthdays are the original mother’s day; you can’t be born without a mother.

She’s my second born child, and she just had her second child. Her birth made that Mother’s Day extra-special for me.

I’ll be doing a volunteer job on Mother’s Day. It’s a perfect way for me to spend the day. My grown children all live over two thousand miles away. Doing volunteer work helps me.

My dear mom died two years ago. She and I would volunteer together for this same cause when she was alive. It’s a tradition that allows me to honor her while helping a worthy cause.

One Mother’s Day, my dad died. That was in 2002. It was the year we skipped the Mother’s Day celebration. And that week, my second child skipped her birthday celebration.

Even at 20, flying out to help your grandfather pass on, is a hard way to spend your birthday. Hospice had said he was waiting to tell one more person goodbye. She was the one. Dad had been close with all my children. He and mom were stellar examples of unconditional love and focusing on the family.

To my amazing daughters and daughter-in-law, I wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day. May this one day in May be filled with enough hugs and laughter to last at least another year. The work you do raising your children is sometimes hard and often thankless.

But I am always thankful for what you do. I want to honor you by blog-bragging about you three:  Lyndsey, Emily and Danielle. Your awesome children have made my life more wonderful than even I; ever dreamed.

To ALL you MOTHERS who may read this out there: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY !