“Thanks for keeping up the pressure for recognition of addiction as a treatable problem.” This email was sent to me yesterday by a researcher who holds a position at a leading university. Her title is Ph.D. Her department is Pharmacology and Toxicology.

My last post about Tweaking was another attempt of mine to raise awareness about addiction so I repeat; “If you are struggling, seek help.” If I offended or confused any readers with my R-rated content, I am sorry.

I wanted to create awareness while attempting to entertain. It was a true story. If it helps one person, my blog did its job. (Good thing I have a paying job; I only have a few fans.)

The job I hold is in the field of addiction. My formal education is in Resource Management. Our greatest natural resource is people. I am privileged to work in a way that combines both; I’m tasked with reducing risky behaviors and increasing protective factors along the lines of public health through targeting social norms.(The email was in regards to my job.)

Addiction has reached epidemic proportions. Overdoses and deaths are just one tragic component of the problem. Some of the economic costs are measurable: increased health care, crime, rehabilitation costs to name the obvious, but the cascading effects are not.

The combined pressures it exerts on families and communities is immeasurable but addiction is treatable. Please encourage anyone who may need help to seek help.