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She was ten years old and she died saving two tiny humans. When I read that headline yesterday my heart almost finally broke forever. This child is a saint. The loss of her life is well beyond writable words. The spirit of what she did needs to awaken all of us.

I have not written for awhile. The move took all my energy and then some. Life threw in a few other demanding complications. Adjusting to a different living space while trying to maintain semi-normal routines was practically all-consuming.

The writer in me that wants to blog had to sit back and let the unpacker, hauler, recycling-freak battle it out daily. I was totally moved out of my previous residence by the February 15 deadline; now residing in my own place. Enough. Onward.

I have to attempt to pay tribute to this heroic ten year old. I can’t do anything else but honor her by writing this blog. I have a nine year old granddaughter. I know how much she is loved. There is no doubt that the ten year old was completely adored too.

Selfless Action of Courage. She had courage. She was selfless. She took action. May this little Saint inspire all of us to lead our lives more like her. May we all awaken.

Let our actions be more courageous and more selfless.

To her family I offer my most sincere condolences. I praise this Child Saint.