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Some of us were lucky enough to grow up with a buddy. A few of us still have some of those friends left over from our youth. I’ve had the unexpected pleasure of reconnecting with schoolmates through FB. Old friends have made encouraging comments to blog posts; it’s been humbling to be received so warmly.

One friend private messaged me and offered to lend a hand. I admit to not being handy. He offered to stop by the duplex and see if his abilities could solve some of the more pressing problems.

He and his wife drove up at the scheduled time. We’d not seen one another since graduation. Four decades changes your looks. I doubt we would have recognized each other if not for updated FB photos. Time had changed parts of us, but there is a smile and a hug that the hands of time don’t touch.

They were both genuinely interested in what I was attempting to do. We slowly walked through every empty room. Finally we went to the area that truly needs the most help, the blighted  bathroom. There is literally  a 12 inch space that you have to squeeze through to get to the bathtub. The question I had for them was how to install a shower curtain rod. Nothing about this is simple. He had an idea and has offered a quick fix.

It was lunch time so we went out together and enjoyed a meal. We shared shortened versions of our last 40 years. And then they drove me over to their home. They bought an older island home too. Seeing the magic they worked on their space was inspiring.

The TLC and energy they put into their remodel was obvious. The love and devotion they have for each other was heartwarming. To have an authentic Buddy is a gift I am thankful for, his awesome wife is a bonus. Thanks you two. (You know who you are!)