I loved Bridget Jones. When I was having a really bad day, I could turn on one of those movies and cry/laugh away my own no-good sorrows.

She was an adorable, admirable hero.

I  know that Renee Z. was not really Bridget Jones. I know next to nothing about the real Renee, but in my mind, Bridget Jones is how I will always remember Renee.

The concern about Zellweger’s drastic change in appearance is understandable. For me, it isn’t that Renee Z. looks so altered that this true fan can no longer recognize her.

OK, the Bridget Jones that I knew and idolized will never age. She will always only be the ‘not-so-perfect’ but just-exactly-right-girl-next-door that we all want to root for; the imperfect creatures that we all really are.

I am sad about the loss of my imaginary film friend, Bridget Jones.

I look at the new, improved Renee and I long for Bridget.

I loved her expressive eyes and those eyes seem to be what has been lost in this cut and paste version. Renee made Bridget come alive for me with those eyes. They made both her troubles and her triumphs feel real.

I hope this cut and paste version is what she was hoping for. I hope she can still recognize herself when she looks in the mirror.