My ipad and I got into big trouble when the latest iOS8 bug infected us. Then, there were the supposed fixes; nothing worked. Prior to the invasion, I normally worked from my iPad. Due to another device debacle, my  laptop was out of commission.

I was working from my trusty 5 year old iPhone.

A precious 3 year old honestly asked me if it was from ‘the age of dinosaurs’ – her parents have smarter phones. I adore my old iPhone and am consistently reluctant to get new gadgets. My output was ice-age slow.

I was stressed out, but it’s nothing compared to the stressing out that is going on around here.

I work in Texas and the Ebola crisis has been saturating the headlines. I was joking with some close friends when I teased that my iPad got iBola. It’s a sadly sick joke. (no pun intended) People are truly concerned around here; I am in Galveston, Texas.

This morning’s weather report announced that a late tropical system is brewing in the southwest Gulf of Mexico, it probably will not come this way. But seriously, why in the world is a National Lab located on a vulnerable barrier reef island – in a facility (UTMB) that was devastated by hurricane Ike six years ago?

The National Lab is dilagently working on a vaccine/cure for Ebola.

The Governor of Texas toured the lab ten days ago accompanied with Rick Perryish headlines. More breaking news; this UTMB facility is now going to get the Ebola leftovers (medical waste) to incinerate.

Some schools are closed here in Texas because of Ebola exposure and eight hundred airline passengers have been notified that they may have been exposed because a nurse (now infected and isolated) flew roundtrip out of Dallas.

AND just now the TV news is saying that a Dallas hospital lab supervisor on a cruise ship that left from Galveston was exposed to Ebola. They have turned the ship around. It is coming back to Galveston and the State Health Department is “working frantically to get that worker off the ship.”

As I write this, I hear a buzz. I see a mosquito; I swat. Splat, I connect and see the blood. I wonder, whose blood is that and are any little viruses are lurking in there? What’s next? Stay tuned.