To the few people who read what I sometimes write, greetings. I have not written in awhile.

I moved recently and that took up most of my time and every bit of available energy.

I no longer have a washer and dryer in my home/apartment.

After living without running water in the log cabin at almost 9,000 feet elevation for over 6 years, (1978- 1984) I vowed to try to have a washer and dryer at my disposal. My sweet Aunt Bootsie bought a washer and dryer when I moved out of the log cabin and into the first house I ever bought. It was a matching set from Montgomery Ward and the combo cost $400 back then. They chugged away for 20 years. Loved them! Loved her.

For the next 40 years, I’ve had the convienience of amazing applainaces at hand in the various places my wandering lifestyle has taken me.

And now, I live in an apartment that is more like a dorm. There is a handy laundormat in each building. I am totally OK with it.

As I age, I am trying to pracitce for the next phase of my life, aging in place. I am trying out this place. I think of this as a Senior Dorm.

I have used the laundomat here one time before today and I had enough quarters to get the job done.

Back when I did not have running water, once a month we would trek to the Laundromat in Boulder and spend hours getting the laundry done and then we’d go to the Rec Center to get out bodies deep cleaned too. Fun times. Great memories.

So now in the time of apps, I downloaded the app and scanned it and vioala, the washing machine started without quarters.

I did not use Joy detergent, but the I am calling this Joy to the World because I have learned something new. Learning new things brings joy.

And making yourself learn new things, helps brains stay healthy. Having clean laundry helps me feel joy. So go listen to Three Dog Night singing Joy to World and have some joy in your day. ( My app just informed me that my laundry is done. LOL)