I recently posted about John Denver and the 50th anniversary of “Rocky Mountain High.” It seems just as important to honor this sad date too, the day John Denver died. This was 25 years ago.

Backstory- Around 1977, I met Rickie Furay at Caribou Ranch when he was there with Souther and Hillman recording their 2nd album. Richie asked me to go to a church in Boulder that was affiliated with what had once been called the Boulder Colorado Sanitarium and Hospital. After their services, they had a potluck. Richie was avoiding meat and he wanted me to learn to prepare some of the nut loafs and other things that a plant-based diet included.

Richie Furay had played with Stephen Stills and Neil Young in 1966 (Buffalo Springfield) and then with Poco, who included Randy Meisner (who later played with the Eagles) and Jim Messina of Loggins and Messina. (The second concert I ever went to featured Loggins and Messina, but back to my story.)

Richie Furay sang with John Denver and with scores of other musicians that created many of the songs and melodies that are still very popular today. I did learn more about vegetarian cooking after I went to the potluck.

Full disclosure- my nut loaf was a not very good, but Richie Furay was another one of the good guys.