Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Today is your first birthday! We want to celebrate. Gifts have been mailed to your house. Normally, we don’t do gifts- shared adventures are more our style.

Your 3 year old sister picked a mountain cabin for her last birthday celebration location last fall. You were there with us and we had a truly amazing time.
Shared adventures are what we pick to celebrate our special family occasions.
When your sister was a little baby we celebrated your mom’s birthday a bit early with an incredible trip to a river side cabin in a Frozen Winter Wonderland.
When your 6 year old brother was a baby, for your dad’s 30th and my 60th birthday combo we gathered at a beach house for an extra long weekend of family fun. I’d just returned from Hawaii and gave your dad a ukulele which he gladly played for us.  We traversed wide, wind swept sand dunes and combed the immense beach for driftwood. We spent hours each day creating a funky shelter out of our found treasures. 
Dear precious birthday girl, please know that one day – we will all gather together again as the family that cherishes you to celebrate with an extra special adventure.
Happy Birthday Baby Girl!