Patient or Standardized Patient ?

My friend has a friend that does this as a side job. She said he makes pretty good money so I checked it out. I signed up. 

Didn’t hear anything for long enough to have almost forgotten about it. Got an email telling me to call in for an interview. Did that. Was invited to the next step. Consented. 

Went to the campus for the Orientation Meeting. As I scanned the names of the dozens of buildings for the correct one, something dropped out of the sky and hit me right smack on top of my head. It was bigger than an acorn and smaller than a stick but it was something. OK. That was odd.

Found the building, sat through the hour long orientation. Left the building. Walked back to the parking lot where I’d had to park on the fourth level.

Had to get in the serpentine line for the exit. The car in front of the car ahead of me was hit by another car as they were making the sharp turn to merge into the exit line. They just stopped their cars, got out and started yelling at each other.

As I sat there, I rubbed the top of my head where I’d been bonked. I felt a little bump. I turned off my car because I couldn’t back up or go forward or go anywhere. I was in the middle of the line. 

I looked at all the paperwork that would have to be completed to qualify for the next step. 

I looked over at the library book I’d brought along just in case. I decided to read the library book and not look the paperwork I’d been given. 

At that point, the bump on my head along with the parking lot bumper-car experience made me question what I was getting myself into.

I’ve finished my library book. I will return it. I have not started the paperwork. I might not return that. I’m not sure if I will proceed with this.  What would you do?