I’m a regular person. I’m not extraordinary. Recently, I was genuinely asked a number of questions about unbelievable things; things I have supposedly done or been responsible for doing. It’s difficult to put them in any rational order. Let me clarify a few things that have apparently been alleged about me.

I am not a witch. I confess, I have acted and/or looked rather witch-like at certain times. Sorry. I have no magical powers, know zero spells and cannot fly; with or without a broom. I’ve never even owned a cat. I’m allergic. If I was a witch, could I please be Samantha’s zany mom, from 1960’s TV land; “Bewitched?”

I never drowned children in my toilet and then buried them in the woods. Once after a painfully awful miscarriage, I had to bury my tiny, little pre-term baby. A wee thread of very sad truth but nothing close to what is/was real. Some poor, lost soul probably watched too many episodes of Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

I did not kill my dad. Yes, I was in the same room when he died. He had terminal cancer. My astrological sign is Cancer but that does not mean I cause cancer. It’s tough to keep locating this thin thread of truth.

I didn’t assume my mom’s identity. I was named after her. I’ve had the same name since I was born. I didn’t take her credit card and whisk my family away on an exotic vacation. I did go see my dear friends in Hawaii. I flew there after first visiting with my West Coast kids. True, I did charge my ticket on a credit card. Fact, it was my very own credit card.  A few wispy bits of truth but nowhere near reality.

I did not make my children stay out till 2 a.m. Once, when one of my teens asked to stay out past midnight curfew, I agreed to let them stay out till 2. Quickly, the teen no longer wanted to stay out that late. Teen’s Quote; “All you do after midnight is clean up your friends puke.” I shared this personal history. It was twisted was so far from the truth, it’s nearly impossible to identify the original thread.

To those who know the flesh and bones me or merely me via this blog, I hope this reminds us all to honor the power of words. These exchanges happened. Damages done by false words are hard to undo.