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My ‘Mountain House’ is listed on a vacation rental site. Since the upstairs is a single, separate room (my bedroom) and I’m not there often, I listed it almost two years ago. A corner of the bedroom is separated by a 3/4 wall into a bathroom area; sink, toilet, shower. It is functional, not luxurious.

The listing states this. It’s basic, no frills. Locals call this “mountain style.” I think of this home as my salvation.

My track record for this endeavor is awful. Every single episode has been a trauma/drama. A year ago, I let a person stay. He ended up taking $1200 cash out of my roommate’s pocket. (My roommate had draped his jeans over the chair outside the downstairs bathroom to grab a quick shower before he paid his laborer’s. The cash was in his pocket.) The money was eventually returned. The guest admitted he took it.

It was a costly lesson that left a scar. I spent a year saying “No” to requests. (In order to keep my Vacation Rental Status with the county, I maintain it as such.)
But on Friday night I said yes. It too has turned turned into another ridiculous experience.

I just got a notification from the host site that the guest was requesting a refund. It turns out that he was there with his mom. Apparently, she was expecting a much higher level of linens. I will refund the money. And laugh.

I’ve saved her review as a Screen Shot on my iPhone to remind me to say NO! My favorite part is the description of the bed linens; “Like something from the Salvation Army, or worse.” I hope this makes you laugh.

Laughing at myself is my true salvation.