Uber works well for some but I use taxi cabs, mainly to and from the airport in Seattle. I enjoy people and hearing their backstory. This driver’s name was Ahmed; I owe it to him to share this gem.

“My wife was still growing our baby in her when we decided to flee. Our baby needed to grow another 4 months inside of her but there was no food. We were being starved. The Somalia of my youth will forever live in my heart; but in 1990, it was dead.”

“If we stayed, we would be dead too. Most of our family had been killed in the conflict. There as no opportunity for life for our unborn child. We’d spent that last semester abroad in Italy and when we returned, the only remains of my family and our home was Grandfather’s old car in the shed. Mercifully, it started.”

“We drove 500 miles to Kenya. We went to the American Embassy to seek asylum; America symbolizes security. We were asked if we had a relative in the United States. My cousin lived in San Diego. We were granted refuge and flown there. We have lived gratefully in the US for 25 years.”

“We love America. America is so great. When I hear about Americans who don’t think that America is great; I say they should try to go live somewhere else. Our daughter was born in America after we were settled in San Diego. She is a now an elementary school music teacher. Our other daughter is finishing Nursing School this semester They are proud to be American citizens. Aren’t you a proud American?” he respectfully inquired.

With tears welling in my eyes from hearing a very tiny part of his incredible life story, and truly feeling it, I answered, “Yes, especially at this moment. Your pride inspires me.”

He pulled up to the airport, I got out. “Thanks for raising proud Americans. Thanks for the lift. I will try to do my part too. ”

Please be great. People still count on us. Thanks.