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My attempt at humor with my last blog post was a flop. I have to try and flip this.

This is a totally true, somewhat embarrassing  story. It happened just last night.

I’d been invited to a pre-concert dinner. It was a big celebration. I hitched a ride so I didn’t have to deal with the debacle of parking downtown. I needed to consider my footwear because I wasn’t sure how far I would have to walk after the concert. I tried on a few different pairs of shoes before I decided on my cherished 3″ heel, strappy- cork wedges. They looked good; island casual with hint of style. I’m vain.

As I was confidently walking back to the private dining room to join the assembled guests, I felt my foot step right out of my shoe. One shoe had come  completely apart. Ungracefully, I stooped over and scooped my delaminated sole off the floor.

I detoured to the ladies room. A woman had been right behind me. The look on her face was classic WardrobeFailure. She was more horrified than I was. I couldn’t just drive home and change shoes, I had been given a ride. I didn’t want to be rudely late. The timing for this evening this was critical with the concert right after the dinner.

To put the two pieces back together was not an option. I took off the remaining intact shoe. Upon examination, I decided to try and make both shoes look the same. Using my fingernails as pry bars, I wedged the cork platform from the other shoe. Once I got a bit of an opening started in the seam I banged it against the floor with as much force as I could use without arousing the staff. Brute force combined with creativity won.

The observer stood by like an silent assistant. When I slipped that pair of matching flats onto my feet, she smiled and finally spoke. She said ” Awesome recovery.”

My cherished wedge sandals are now my strappy Flip-Flops. Happy Spring.