I feel stranded. My battery is dead. When I tried to start my car yesterday; nothing. Not a click, not a sound. It feels like more than just that.

I was headed over to the duplex I bought in 2015; the one where I was going to begin my SafeGraySpaces project. The place I planned to renovate into a elder friendly, barrier-free, tiny-home for my own aging-in- place.

I’d ‘inherited’ renters. They had a lease when I bought it. Now, they’re officially delinquent. My upstairs tenant called to tell me it appeared the downstairs tenants  were moving out. Fare thee well free-loaders.

2015’s final two weeks were particularly strange; including a sad phone call asking for help locating the two young children whose 73 year old, great-grandmother had shot her husband to death in the wee hours of Christmas morning. Worst Christmas  ever for  too many innocent people.

At reunions over the past few summers I’d spent hours with this great-grandmother and these two young children. She’d been raising them since they were babies. Their love for one another was obvious. What happens to push a great-grandmother to uncharacteristic, violent action? Evidently, true desperation!

Three days before that horrible incident, I’d  witnessed the whale stranding on the West End of the island. I’ve had the amazing privilege  of kayaking along side whales in the Sea of Cortez.

To see this gentle giant so far from it’s normal, deep ocean home, struggling to simply take it’s final breath; split my heart to pieces. Witnessing this mystical creature flailing and suffering so much, was deeply disturbing. I quietly said goodbye and slowly wandered away.

I’ll head outside in a few minutes when there is enough daylight to see. I’ll clean my terminals off and see if my car starts. If it does, I’ll venture over and check on the duplex. Who knows what I’ll find remaining there?

I bid goodbye to all parts of 2015 and all it’s memories. Welcome 2016!