Hold Me, Don't Hold ME

To The Thoughtful and Exceedingly Talented Individual Who Tagged My Car Yesterday,

Let me start by saying thank you. In a world drowning in gray, mid-size SUVs, your addition of the word “MIUe” is a special way to stand out from all the rest. Also, it doesn’t escape me that you have picked my favorite color, hospital scrub blue, to adorn our once Plain Jane car. Now, when driving around, I’m constantly reminded to be extra safe, so as to not end up in a hospital, surrounded by people wearing those aforementioned scrubs.

I would be remiss, however, to leave out a few thoughts I have on your piece, as no artist is ever fully developed without a little critique here and there!

For one, as far as I know, “MIUe” isn’t a word. I googled it, and nothing really definable came up. Perhaps I’m misreading it? Or perhaps…

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