Hold Me, Don't Hold ME

Yesterday Baby 1.0 pulled the world’s best/worst April Fools Day prank on me, and locked me in the bathroom while we were alone during the day. How did she manage such a feat, you may ask? Well, it’s a multi-step process that Baby 1.0 mastered in one try. Step 1: Shut bathroom door (preferably. Step 2: Open adjacent laundry room door as wide as it will go. Step 3: Watch person on the other side of the door struggle because the laundry room door is wedged against the bathroom door, thereby preventing it from opening. Step 4: Under no circumstances are you to follow their instructions of “Just shut the door, Baby!” no matter how upset you may become, because then it would be a lame prank.

So what exactly goes through a person’s mind after becoming locked in a bathroom, separated from their toddler, who is free in a house full of…

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